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Massimo reported on how our IT Skills courses went back in the Winter of 15/16 ...


In 2015 SSB was successful in raising funds through the "Big Lottery Awards for All" scheme to offer free computer training within the village.

We ran a total of 13 events (from Oct 15 to Jan 16) covering: the Basics, Facebook (for individuals and for businesses), the Internet & email, Skype and three Q&A drop in sessions.

We had 86 attendees (50 different people) and 176 ‘person hours’ of training delivered, with a further 11 people interested but unable to attend.

We helped people at the beginning of their journey (including first timers using Skype to talk to family, setting up an email account, and some who had never touched a computer – and at least two people went on to buy one).

We helped people come to grips with Social Media and to advance their use of it.

My personal highlight

But my personal highlight was the last three Q&A sessions: 10-14 people at each and 3 trainers - a little hectic but fun!
Wanting to promote confidence and self-sufficiency, we focused on them finding out and trying things themselves.
People would start working on something and, if they got stuck, put a green or red flag over their name card, so that the trainers could see who needed help.
One of us would then give them a hint or suggest something to search Google for and leave them to try it out.
I was so pleased (and slightly surprised) to see how often when we came back to them, we’d be met with a broad grin and a “I’ve done it!”...

Some comments from the last three Q&A sessions …

“Couldn’t have been better”
“made me realise I still like learning about the computer and nice to do this in company rather than the continual struggle on my own.”
“Above all it has given me much more confidence with the computer”
“Used Google to learn about some more things”
“Can we have some more?”
“I learned more than I expected”
“I gained confidence to try things out”
“I liked the relaxed atmosphere to allow you to explore your own needs”

And in answer to “How could it have been better?” …

“More helpers and assistants” / “More time” / “Some of the information was beyond me”

My thanks go to: Penny Wainwright of SSB (my mentor), Glyn Richards of the Old School Community Centre (for his help with room & equipment hire) and, of course, the trainers: Darren Schroeder, John Gower, Tom Kuhl, Alan and Vanessa Lewis and Jo McGain.

Massimo Giannuzzi

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